Invest your winnings with 5 tips
invest your winnings with 5 tips .Winning the lottery changes your financial life for the...

invest your winnings with 5 tips .Winning the lottery changes your financial life for the better or worse  it’s all up  to you, but many responsible people come up with good plans of what they would do with their winning So here is some advice from a financial adviser on How to invest your lottery money ? Tip 1 you should check your taxation situation since lottery wins can vary from one draw to the other because sometimes you can have the choice of choosing between taking the prize money at once or having it paid out in installments, and in some countries a lump sum payments means you must pay tax, so it’s important to look at the terms and conditions attached to the ticket, so you have 60 days to see the pros and cons of what is best and save your money during this time sick the help of your financial adviser I’m sure he will give you good ideas. Tip 2 Get rid of any debts. There is no better investment than paying off debts as they can create even more debts. If it is a credit card or mortgage, it is important to stamp out these debts as soon as possible. Tip 3  Save in the right bank account it’s going to be really important to meet with your bankers and financial adviser to find out what type of bank account could be most beneficial to you. Because you may be given a high interest account which would really help you to increase wealth with hardly any effort. Tip 4 think about the future generation make secure plans for the future for your family and children, if you have a young children the best way to pass your money to them while ensuring your retain control is to out money into trust, you can oversee the account by becoming a trustee, you can also choose how much you want into the account every few years. These majors will have tax rate but will be then free from inheritance tax when you die, in this way all the children and your future grandsons could be included in the as your beneficiaries. Tip 5 Lastly,  you may get financial advice as soon as you win the lottery and then become lazier after time, which is the wrong thing to do, as it is very important to keep the meeting going so that you can still get help on the correct way of using your money. I believe in falling all these steps you will be successful on your investments. Goodluck! #Playthelotteryrightnow  
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