Is it always the best thing winning lotto?
Is it always the best thing winning lotto? Every now and then you read stories...

Is it always the best thing winning lotto? Every now and then you read stories about those people who invest their money correctly or make their millions last but there are also the extremists who go the complete opposite way and splurge like never before.Winning the lottery can sometimes be a curse or a blessing, money changes people and for some lottery winners it ruins their way of life that they have only known.A number of lottery winners who have won the lotto jackpot as a couple often end up getting divorce, whether this has to do with being greedy and having all this money to themselves or because they feel like a new person who doesn’t need your partner in your new life now.Losing all basic knowledge of common sense is another all too common occurrence, when someone receives lots of money, they seem to develop this thought that it will never run out, but it does. From purchasing the most outrageous items because you think you now can or making bad investments such as putting a large amount of your money into the stock exchange because you think it will double and then losing it all.Another common mistake is thinking you’re now invincible because you’re “loaded” and thinking you can do absolutely anything because you now have money, whilst this could be a good thing because you can concur your wildest dreams it also enables people to think they can open a restaurant in the fanciest place around the world and it will be the best. Before making investments such as a restaurant perhaps make sure you do your market research beforehand.Having this new found wealth can give you the ability to do the things you’ve always wanted to do but if you suddenly feel like you’re on top of the world you will soon find yourself hitting the floor pretty hard.Goodluck!#Playthelotteryrightnow
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