Some lotto winner become selfish
Some lotto winner become selfish .It’s a  very common thing nowadays to hear many news...

Some lotto winner become selfish .It’s a  very common thing nowadays to hear many news or stories about lottery winners who end up bankrupt due to overspending their lotto winnings. Unfortunately for some they don’t  end up bankrupting  from spending their jackpot money on themselves only but on others. Every individual has thought about giving their close one’s money or items if they became a lotto winner, if you find yourself being a lottery winner the odds of you finally doing so is high, but as soon as you announce you’re won the lottery, just giving some money to your friends who need it and your dad that dream car, suddenly doesn’t seem enough. Not on your part but to them. Most would spend the money on the usual/ essential items but those individuals would suddenly expect you to pay the bill on a night out, be the first to put down the deposit on that shared holiday. This is a sad case because people who don’t want to let their close ones down end up filing for bankruptcy and those so called close ones are nowhere to be seen. As harsh as it sounds, being selfish after becoming a lotto winner is the best way to go. For those who opt to share their success story will not only be on play lotto world but all other the online lotto, in no time at all the people close to you and the people who drifted from you will become letches. If you don’t give into the feeling like you have enough to give and keep your money to yourself, you will also ultimately lose those people. To ensure you could live a good life, with friends and your lotto jackpot win then keep this a secret to yourself, there is no problem with spoiling those close to you but don’t do it so much that it becomes expected. Goodluck! #Playthelotteryrightnow  
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