How to pick lotto numbers
How to pick lotto numbers.One of the best parts of playing the lottery is the...

How to pick lotto numbers.One of the best parts of playing the lottery is the fact that you don’t pay any taxes or shouldn’t pay any taxes at all. But how do you even get to this point? First of all, how do you choose your lottery winning numbers? There isn’t a clear or easy winning strategy for the lottery otherwise  we would have bought that winning lotto ticket and we  wouldn’t be writing this story. But unfortunately this isn’t the case, so here are some options you might want to consider when playing the lotto. How you choose may in the long term might not be that important, but consistency is key to success. Once you choose your numbers, stick to these and always play the same combination. Another way to increase your chances of winning the lottery is to simply buy more and more lottery tickets, maybe 5-10 at a time for each draw. Buying more tickets increases your chances but you still might be sitting at the odds of 1 in a few million chances of grabbing the jackpot. This way of playing is advised because you can use your number sequence other than handing over your cash and a computer chooses your numbers for you. Use people’s Birthdays, Because Why Not Why don’t you choose your number sequence from your kids’ birthdays or even your siblings’ or something more random and extreme like the Celebrities birthdays. This isn’t a quick fix and any guarantee that using birthdays will increase your odds but you never know? People associate these dates to be lucky numbers because they bring back special moments and good vibes. Goodluck! #Playthelotteryrightnow  
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